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Dallas, Texas Franchise Attorney

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Counseling Companies and Entrepreneurs

The Law Offices of Kat Tidd, P.C., offers clients over 25 years of experience in business, corporate, franchise and transactional law. Representing clients throughout Texas, attorney Kat Tidd focuses on providing value to the businesses and franchises with whom she works.

Whether you are looking to franchise your business, buy a franchise or are having problems with an existing franchise or franchisor, working with an experienced franchise lawyer can help.

Keep it simple. Contact an experienced franchise lawyer for legal help. Call 972-247-6934.

Add Value to Your Business

Attorney Kat Tidd is committed to adding value to her clients' businesses. With over 25 years of experience, she handles cases in almost every area of franchise law.

  • She negotiates and structures franchise and license arrangements at the national and international level.
  • She has experience working with startups, as well as mature franchise systems.
  • She has developed and managed legal departments for various companies in the franchise industry, including Taco Time International, The Plus Companies and Pizza Inn.
  • She assists both franchisors and franchisees in resolving their disputes, including offering litigation representation.
  • She reviews franchise documents and advises individuals who want to buy a franchise.

Kat represents clients in all aspects of franchise and business opportunity law. She currently advises small and medium businesses, franchisors and franchisees, dealers and entrepreneurs. Kat also serves as a consultant to other attorneys who have questions regarding franchise law.

Keep it Simple

The Law Offices of Kat Tidd, P.C., works with clients in all legal aspects of the business. Unlike some lawyers who only handle specific questions and aspects of franchise law, Kat Tidd knows she can be most effective when she sees the big picture. She works with clients to understand not only the dynamics of the business but also the interpersonal relationships that form the business.

To schedule your appointment with an experienced franchise law attorney, please contact the Law Offices of Kat Tidd, P.C. online or call 972-247-6934. Kat is available by appointment only.

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